Cartoon Joker: 3

Cartoon Lex Luther: 5

Jekyll: 4

Hyde: 7

Grendel: 5

Grendal's Mother: 7


Dexter: 1

Madea: 6

Jason: 4

Dracula: 4

Jack the Ripper: 8

Mao Tse Tung: 7 Maleficent: 7

Maleficent's Bird: 2

I Took the Media Training course. Best 2 minutes of my life. (:

Everyone, and anyone
My name is Carol Muskett, however I prefer Caroline or Carri. I am half Navajo and half Philippino. I am going to UNM not because of the lottery, or family, it was my personal decision. I actully love UNM and what it has to offer. I am majoring in Radiologic Sciences with a Concentration in Nuclear Medince, and I want to minor in Photography. I am 18 from California, I love to travel, sing, dance, ride horses, learning, and just relax. I am a Batman fanitic, and not because all of a sudden it is a fad. I have always loved Batman since I was a kid. I do love getting to know new people I find it exciting because everyone has such a different view, or opinion and I love how people are so creative in their own way. More basic things about me are;
Penguins are my favorite animal
Purple, Turquiose, and Orange are my favorite colors
Sarcasm is my Native Language
Photography is my way of being heard
I can't spell to save my life
I have a horrible sense of humor that no one seems to understand except my close friends and family
I am easy to talk to
I love to draw and sing
I dislike facebook (I'am a recovering addict)
I hate fights, arguements, liars, cheats, and spiders
Oh and I am pretty much love my red hair <3
Thats pretty much it well all that I could think of.
- Caroline (:
This Photo was taken in May with my best friend at the Earthship Home Center right outside of Taos


August 23, 2011
Why Did We Watch a Childrens Movie in Class?
I believe we watched the Batman/Superman Movie in class is because no matter what the age differece or preference the show still targets Bad Vs. Good. It shows how easily it can be pointed out that the Joker and Lex Luther are liars and cheats. I also think we watched it because in childrens shows the makers make it more obvious on who the villians are and why they are a villian.

August 30, 2011
Abraham Lincoln wrote that “the true rule, in determining to embrace, or reject any thing, is not whether it have any evil in it; but whether it have more of evil, than of good. There are few things wholly evil, or wholly good.” Relate this quotation to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
-To me Abraham Lincoln was simply saying that there is a balance between good and evil. Nothing can be full evil or full good. There has to be a balance, this relates to Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde, specifically because Dr.Jekyll was so well behaved like we discussed in class that he showed know bad behaviors in public, he was well off and respectful in his time. As for his other side Mr.Hyde, he was wholly evil because he wanted to express his bad side of life what Jekyll was hiding was what Hyde came out to be. All in all Jekyll was to good and Hyde was to evil there was no balance between the two so neither could exist with chaos.

I agree with the first half of what you're saying for sure. Lincoln's quote really does perfectly describe Jekyll pre-Hyde. He was balanced and more good than evil, which is nice. However, I don't think Jekyll became all good after he made Hyde. He was still part good and part evil, he just now has to deal with Hyde who is all evil. P.S. I hate spiders too! - Kayleethegr8 Kayleethegr8 Sep 6, 2011Kaylee!

I agree with all of it. Maybe Jekyll had evil urges, but by not acting on them he supressed an important part of himself. So much so that Hyde had to make up for a lifetime of self-denial by acting like a depraved lunatic. If that's what you're getting at. - MilesDixon MilesDixon Sep 6, 2011

September 6, 2011
The poem Beowulf expresses distinct characteristics that are necessary for an individual fulfill to be a good king, as we discussed in class. What guidelines are implied for successful villainy?
As I see it I think to be a succesful villain in Beowolf, Grendel was disfigured as was his mother. I think this is a pattern in villains the villains are beast or not human like, some will have human qualities but some how still seem as if they are not fully human to an extent. Beowolf also implies that the villain is only to do harm to people and that is all that they intend to do.

How would you characterize a successful class discussion? What features are present? Which are absent? How would you suggest we best accomplish such a discussion?
WE NEED A TALKING FRUIT/ANIMAL (not a banana). In our class I believe we all just have great opinions and something important to say and none of us want to lose our train of thought so we try to speak over each other. Since most of the students in the class are either leaders or very well spoken there is a sense of dominace in all of us. We need something that focus all of us. We also need to write our thoughts so we don't forget them when it comes to be are turn.

I also think that Grendal was beastly. I mean he snatched up thirty men at once. whoa! thats one beasty person.
- HeyThereAri HeyThereAri Sep 13, 2011 Ari

September 13, 2011
Why do you think that Dexter is a series that enjoys popularity in our particular moment in history? Could it have been popular at another time? Why or why not?
To me I see Dexter as a hero, but that is in my own opinion, I guess in todays society we don't see murders as horrible as people back in the 50s or 60s. I believe this is because we don't really agree with murder but we know it happens on a daily basis just like rape. I guess we all kind of accepted that there are people out there in the world that want to hurt others. Back than, murders, rape, and other things were not spoken of or in the media as much as it is now. I don't think Dexter would have been a popular show, because I feel as if people would frown upon it.

What parallels can you draw between Dexter, Dr. Jekyll, Batman and Superman? Go beyond the surface. How are they different from characters like Beowulf?
Beowolf is out their for the world to see he has no cover up or secret identity. Everyone knows of him and his father. As for Dexter, Jekyll, Batman and Superman, no one knows who they are or what they are all about. They are either seen as good or bad. Beyond that Beowolf is seen as a hero not as a villain, but for the rest of the charcters some are questioned about their motives, and who they truely are.

From Miles's presentation: Why is the character of Dracula/the drinking of blood considered sexual?
I can only speak on a females side, and I believe it's because women love the idea of fantasy, like to be swept off their feet by a romantic. I also believe its sexual only to certain woman who never felt that lust or type of touch that "vampires" offer. They love the mystery behind it all.

From Hunter's presentation: Why did Jack the Ripper get away with his crimes when the media coverage/police investigation so great?
Even though the media was so great, I feel Jack the Ripper was able to get away because there were three man that could be him, also investigators did not have the technology as they did now nor did they have DNA testing. People were afraid, and with fear consuming the people around and about the White Chapel, its hard to pin point who was the killer. To me when people are afraid quotes and sayings get exaggerated.

So, do you think that only women that haven't experienced deep sexual pleasure find the idea of Dracula to be very alluring? I definitely agree with you that exaggeration and panic probably made things a lot easier for Jack the Ripper to get away. - MilesDixon MilesDixon Sep 19, 2011

Why wouldn't women who have felt that kind of pleasure want it again?- Kharli
To me in my opinion women who felt that kind of pleasure want it again because it gives them a sense of pleasure a person gets when they fulfill a need they have been having for a while. For example I believe everyone has had a craving weather for food, a movie or some type of object, the person really wants it and once you recieve it, its like you can relax and feel at ease. Its like that itch you cant scratch but than you do and its like relief. Thats what I think that women he felt it once continuesly want it over and over.

September 20,2011
1. In Medea, there are several characters who know of Medea's plans, and yet they do not try to stop her. Why do these characters let villainy happen? Do the gods approve of her choices? What are the implications of their approval or disapproval?

2. From Kaylee's presentation
Do you have a limit or a threshold of how many people can die before a cause becomes unjust?
Honestly I don't believe their is a limit in society it all depends on the scenrio in general. I mean we look at modern times and at the war that was taking place in Iraq. There was a grand total of around thirty-five thousand deaths as well as wounded in that mission. I thought that was unjust and there should have been a momnet where everyone should have said enough is enough. We had small moments but none that were taken seriously. As for other times in society, like in Dexter's case his killings should not be limited, because to me he is doing something right for society and basically doing everyone a favor. Its not like he is randomly killing citizens, he watchs and observes them and finds out all the things they did to others, and than strikes. Like I originally said there shouldn't be a limit on how many people can die before something becomes unjust, because it should depend on the entire reasoning and scenrio.

3. From Lawrence's presentation:
Everyone has an inner beast, an animal hidden within the subconscious. What is yours and why?
My inner beast would have to be a Dragon. I have the tendency to lash out get angry, start fights, scream, and do things nobody would ever guess I do. I am truely nice at heart, but when I reach my breaking point, my inner beast rears its ugly head and takes over me. I know I am tiny for my size, but in my mind I really dont see myself as tiny I believe I can take on anything and anyone for that matter. I don't get pissed off unless someone just pushes all the right buttons, like a dragon they just want to sleep not kill everything in its path, unless some douche bag decides to mess with it.
September 27, 2011

1. How do female villains differ from male villains?
In my book female villains are truely some other type of person in a whole entire new category. Women Villains usually are very ugly or gorgeous. They also are very manipulative. They also have REASONS to be angry in the first place. Such as Maleficent she puts a spell on Aurorua because she wasn't invited to her party. Another villiain (my favorite) is Poison Ivy. Her entire fight is for plants she refers to them as her babies. She gets angry with the people and cities because they pollute the earth and hurt nature. She has a reason to be angry and want to hurt people. No it's not right but she is doing something for her cause.
The reason why I point this out is because females have reasons for why they hurt others especially to those who caused the pain while male villians do it out of greed like Lex Luther or they like to have that power. Male villains also dont have a strong cause, some do, but most get angry and take it out on the entire place, not just that one specific person or thing.

2. How is color used to portray aspects of good and evil in Sleeping Beauty?
Sleeping Beauty's name is Aurora in latin it means Dawn. Usually Dawn and evenings are beautiful. So her name in genera represents that last light before it gets dark. To me I see that as last hope because it is the light we will see until tomorrow, so we lingure on it just to be able to watch it. It is a time where people feel closer and life seems better. Aurora's color is pink and the three "good" fairies are blue, green and pink all shades of dawn. When Maleficent enters her bird is a Crow and as we all know Crows are evil and represent omens. Maleficent's colors are black and purple and her color is a shade of a dull green. Another feature that many people don't catch are the eyebrows of villains. Maleficents eyebrows are arched and always make her look as if she is mad. Anyway Black represents death and the dark and purple is power. Disney makes it very easy to notice these differences in color. We are taught right away that black is evil and all happy bright colors are automatically good.
October 4, 2011

1. Make a case for Iago as villain, and then, using at least two pieces of the same evidence, make a case for Othello as villain.

2. From Tyler's presentation: What is one character (hero or villain) so far that we have looked at that could have an undiagnosed mental disorder?

3. From Emily's presentation: Pick 2-3 villains (from anywhere) and draw parallels between them; looking at actions, appearance, backstory, etc. How are they recycled villains?