Hey there. My name is Ariana but feel free to call me Ari. I was born and raised in Albuquerque,
New Mexico. I am just your typical nerd. I enjoy the simple things in life such as reading Harry Potter, dancing in the rain, and drinking hot chocolate near the fire on a cloudy day. I like to listen to 80's and 90's music, I believe I was born in the wrong era. I am majoring in computer animation for film production. I hope to one day animate and help write screenplays for Pixar. I enjoy smart and witty conversations with people. I believe it exercises your inner "sassiness". If you can understand the humor in this video, then you basically understand me.

Villain Meter

Joker= 4 (in this particular movie not as a whole)
Dr. Jekyll= 2.5
Mr. Hyde=3
Mr. Utterson= 3
Grendel= 5
Grendels Mom= 2
The dragon= 0.5
Jack The Ripper= 9
Dracula= 3
Medea= 7
Jason= 3
Glauce= 1 (cause she is a slut)
Othello= 3
The Joker= 9
Two-Face= 4
The Comedian= 6
Adrian= 9
Dr. Manhattan= 6
Voldemort = 8
Vampires= 4
Big Bad Wolf= 3
Parents of LRRH=1.2
Demons= 8
Peter= 4
Gaff= 4
All the people that bullied Ender= 1.75
Little lisp man=2
6 fingered man= 6.7

1. The Nutcracker Ballet (November 27) : I had seen the Nutcracker once when I was really little. So seeing it again and being able to actually understand the plot was very exciting. I've always liked plays because I enjoy being able to watch the story unfold in front of my eyes. I thought the Nutcracker ballet crew performed very beautifully. I enjoyed the set design and costumes that they had. Not to mention they're really good dancers. I realized that there is a lot of work that goes into creating such a production. When I was little, I never really thought about the behind the scene work on plays or recitals. However, during the ballet I continued to think about the work that went into it. Although, the mice always continue to terrify me. All in all, I really enjoyed watching the performance and thought it was very entertaining.

2. Art Museum (December 1)- If anything I learned one thing from going to the art museum. That thing is that I don't get art. I don't get it. To me art is something that is beautiful and creative. Something that captures a moment in time with no words, just color. Not something that is so distorted to the point that you can't even tell what it's supposed to be. Art should also not be something that is so simple that it looks like my 4 year old cousin drew it. Maybe I just don't understand. I'm happy to admit it as well but if someone can enlighten me, please do. However, there was a lot of art inside of the museum that I enjoyed. I really liked the nature paintings that were showcased. They all looked very beautiful and realistic.

3. Mannheim Steamroller (December 1)- I absolutely loved the performance by the Mannheim Steamrollers at the Santa Ana Star Center! They brought together two of my most favorite things: Christmas music and instrumental music. I thought that their performance was very good. I enjoyed the light display that they had during their performance. It was exciting and intriguing. My favorite song of the evening was Carol of the Bell. I like this song because it kinda has a melancholy tone to it. All in all, I greatly enjoyed the performance by the Mannheim Steamroller group.

~Week 1~
I believe that we watched The Batman Superman Move: World's Finest to help us understand the two different types of villains. The Joker is a deranged sociopath that thrives off creating chaos and insanity for no apparent reason other than for his own pleasure. He wishes to see the world crumble and die on itself for pure amusement. However, Lex Luther on the other hand is portrayed more as a mentally stable villain. Lex concentrates on succeeding in business and seeks revenge on his arch nemesis Superman. He is more of a subtle villain that does not wish to end the world more as control it. I think the movie showed us the two opposite ends of the spectrum on villains.

~Week 2~
Abraham Lincoln's quote directly relates to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Abraham is trying to express that it does not matter if an individual has evil but rather if the evil can take over the good. Dr. Jekyll may have behaved like he was a well-rounded and law abiding citizen but in reality he wasn't. He knew that the evil deep inside of him was longing to be free. He may have thought that he could control his evil but in the end it would overthrow him. By creating and drinking the potion, he allowed the darkness to over take and vanquish the goodness he had left. I do not believe that people are either good nor evil, but instead a mixture of both. It depends on the person and the decision they make to be exposed to the rest of the world. In Dr. Jekyll's case, the evil within his soul was released and unveiled to the town in a horrific way (such as trampling the child or killing an innocent man). Turning back to the quote, I believe that maybe, just maybe, if Dr. Jekyll would've heard this he might have changed his mind about his experiment. He might have thought twice about his thoughts on completely separating good and evil in a person. He may have thought that it was impossible and instead a suicide mission.

~Week 3~
How to become a successful villain 101 (Beowulf standards)

  • Be an outcast to society.
  • Hate happy people/sounds.
  • EAT people for pure fun or revenge. (for approximately 12 years)
  • Hoard your riches and then reek havoc when some guy steals it.

Okay now let me explain myself. The guidelines implied by Beowulf are fairly straight forward. Grendel was a successful villain until Beowulf came into the picture. The poem expresses that Grendel was hideous (whether it be because he was disfigured or handicap). Therefore he was an outcast to the town, he was not accepted. A major characteristic for a villain in Beowulf is to be willing to eat people. That part about Grendel was honestly what made me dislike him. He was sane enough to realize what he was doing and to love it. The poem says he was able to continue eating people every night for 12 years without being stopped! That's a successful villain. His mother on the other hand killed in order to seek revenge on Beowulf for killing her son. She was different because she only did it that once (as far as we know). The last guideline that is implied to be a successful villain is not to share your gold. We discussed in class that it was part of the culture to keep circling the wealth. By hoarding it, the dragon is considered a villain.

How would you characterize a successful class discussion? What features are present? Which are absent? How would you suggest we best accomplish such a discussion?
A good class discussion would be where we all successfully express our thoughts on the text in a proper manner. I think our class discussions should be a little bit more organized. I believe we all definitely have great thoughts on the text but cant always present it to the class because sometimes we talk over each other and then change from topics really fast. We should work on answering the question to the topic before we move on to the next. I think the class is very good at analyzing the book/movies that we watch to discover the true meaning that the author wanted to convey. Keep it up! We could accomplish a good discussion by allowing everyone to talk and not talk over one another but instead listen to one another. We're kinda looking like this in our discussions.
Okay! so maybe were not wearing diapers and arguing in a kitchen with a made up language. But you get it!

~Week 4~
I think that Dexter can be popular in any moment in history. We are curious and intrigued about villains. However, Dexter is different. He is a man that kills the true villains. The reason the show would be popular at anytime is because humans always want to see the bad guys lose. And Dexter does just that. The real question is, Is he a villain or not?

Dexter, Dr. Jekyll, Batman and Superman are all similar in one specific way. They all have a alternate personality or secret identities. Each of them breaks away from their normal lives and create a different persona in order to rid the world of evil. However, Beowulf does not do this. Instead, he killed Grendel, Grendel's mom, and the dragon (kinda) all by himself without needing to do it in secret.

Dracula's blood drinking is considered sexual because of how intimate it is. When Dracula is about to drink someones blood, he literally sweeps them into his arms. Its almost as if he is going for a romantic kiss, but instead he is about to give them the "kiss of death". Also in the time that Dracula was created, the drinking of blood is forbidden and being sexually active outside of marriage was not accepted . The woman were enticed by him because he in a sense satisfied their needs by bitting their neck and drinking their blood.

I believe one of the main reasons why he got away was because of the technology they had back then. I don't believe the police were equipped for a serial killer investigation. If I'm correct, i think that Jack the Ripper was one of the very first disgusting murderers of the time. The police probably had never dealt with a situation like this. Where the murders were so disturbing that they obviously thought the killer had to be insane. Although, what if he didn't show his mental instability to anyone? In this day and age, we now know that the most terrible killers are sometimes the ones that seem the most normal. So I think the main reason Jack the Ripper got away was because the police force was looking for the wrong type of person. They were looking for a crazy lunatic in a insane asylum. When I think he probably was a normal looking man that was under the radar.

~Week 5~
I believe that the characters that knew of Medea's plan did not intervene because they were terrified of her. They knew that Medea was going to go to any length in order to get revenge on Jason. If any of the characters tried to stop her, what would hold Medea back from killing them? I mean think about it. She killed her own children just to see Jason in pain. In my opinion, I think she would have killed anyone in her way. I think that the gods did approve of her choices. The only reason I say this because they did not intervene at all throughout the play. Medea basically wins and survives without any consequences (besides losing her kids). If the gods really did not approve of her choices, they would have done something to alter it. Like strike her down with lightning or be attacked my ravenous wolves.

I don't think that there is a limit to how many people can die before it becomes unjust. I think that the killing of one human being is unjust. It doesn't matter if it was one person or a million. The bottom line is that a individual took the life of another. It is not However, there line is thin between self defense and murder. I don't think that killing someone because you are defending yourself is unjust. Your protecting yourself from someone who has the intentions of killing.

I think that my inner beast is probably a lion. The main reason that I chose this was because I love The Lion King!! If I could choose to be any animal in the world it would totally be a lioness. However, the main reason that I picked a lion for my inner beast was because their bad ass. A lioness hunts for the pride, raises and protects their cubs. They would get Animal Mommy of the Year award hands down! I honestly don't think that my inner beast would be violent though. I stay away from confrontation and do not believe violence is the answer to anything. So I'm saying that my inner lion would basically be just a large house cat.

~Week 6~
Female villains in literature are usually beautiful, clever, and manipulative. Whereas male villains are destructive, overpowering, and violent. A woman villain usually goes about her evil in a some sort of "sneaky" fashion. Men are fierce and sometimes take a violent approach. I think that female villains are a little more intimidating because its unexpected. They are as some people put it "beautiful but deadly".

Color is a primary way to portray good and evil. Evil characters usually have colors that are on the opposites of the color spectrum. Such as, they sometimes have pale skin and wear dark colored clothes. Evil never usually has cute little happy colors. They are dark and gloomy. However, characters that are good most the time have bright colors. Such as white, gold, etc. The colors are used to help the audience right off the bat see who is good and bad.

~Week 7~
Make a case for Iago as a villain, and then, using at least two pieces of the same evidence, make a case for Othello as a villain.
Speaking on behalf of Iago, he is considered the villain on many levels. Firstly, because he was the mastermind behind all of the chaos. He was the person that set everything in motion. Secondly, he can be the villain because he also killed his own wife. However, Othello might be the villain because he was murdered his own wife because of his trust issues. He also makes quick decisions and doesn't think about his actions. He automatically assumed Desdemona was having a affair because of the mannerisms that Cassio was making when he was talking to Iago about the prostitute.

From Tyler's presentation: What is one character (hero or villain) so far that we have looked at that could have an undiagnosed mental disorder?
I think that Grendel could have been diagnosed with a mental disorder. Not only is he somewhat deformed or unnatural but he also seems a little off. Firstly, because he hated the sound that came from the mead hall. It seemed like there must have been something wrong in his head. And he also enjoyed killing Hrothgars men. I mean for anybody to like murder they can't be mentally stable.

From Emily's presentation: Pick 2-3 villains (from anywhere) and draw parallels between them; looking at actions, appearance, backstory, etc. How are they recycled villains? The two villains that I chose are Voldemort and President Snow from The Hunger Games. The two are very similar physically. Both of them have "snake" like appearances. They have pale skin and slit like nose. They both are savvy with keeping their followers terrified of them. However, they have very different backstories. You'll know them very well after my presentation ;).

~Week 8~

The main reason that defines something to be unnatural is when we can't understand it. If we can not comprehend the motives or the background of the villain, then we automatically find it unnatural and are afraid. That's what makes the Joker in the movie to be so terrifying. We do not know where he came from or why we loves to create chaos in Gotham City. As for the cars and computers, sure they may be unnatural but we know that they won't come alive and kill us (we hope).

For the most part, the only villainous thing that Batman did was using cell phones as a map of the city. It may have been necessary to use but it was still unethical. The first thing that comes to mind is the book 1984 and how "Big Brother" keeps an eye on everyone. However, if he never created that machine, the Joker may have escaped and the two boats would have exploded. Batman also destroyed the device immediately after it served its purpose. That in its self is a heroic act. I could only imagine how tempting it would be for Batman to keep it. He would've been able to know exactly where each and every criminal was in Gotham City without looking to hard. He would also have been able to stop crimes before happening because he could see everything. I mean, it would be like surfing the internet but instead he would surf for the criminals.

Is there any truth to the Joker's "scar" stories? If so, how?

~Week 9~

With every villain, there's a hero. With every cookie, there's a glass of milk. In most cases, there is always a hero to watch over the villains to put them back in their place. However, no one ever watches over the super heroes. People underestimate that the heroes are also human (most the time). They are also settable to being manipulated, tricked, and corrupted. I believe that we all should be responsible for monitoring each other. Its our duty as citizens to watch over the people that govern our nation to keep them in check. We are well aware that corruption can spread like a virus. That is why we need to make sure that people in power are making decisions to benefit the nation instead of just them personally. Without that, who knows what would happen. We could turn into Gotham…

NO! I think privateers are MORE admirable than pirates. They could do all the things a pirate could do but without ever having to deal with the consequences that a normal pirate would. I can picture the privateers sticking out their tongues and pointing to their fanny's while a pirate gets sent to the gallows.

I believe that both Eddie Brock and Cletus Cassidy share the same levels of responsibility. They both allow Venom and Carnage to control their bodies to they can exercise the evil within them. They do not feel any regret for their actions as a super villain which is why i consider them to be responsible for their actions. Just because they are not their normal self does not give them an excuse for killing people or causing destruction. The symbiotic is contributing by enhancing Eddie Brock's and Cletus Cassidy's anger. However, the full responsibility still is in the hands of the individual.

~Week 10~

I believe that there is anything in the world that is inherently good or evil. Everything has a mixture of good and evil inside of them. It just depends on the individuals decisions on whether he/she makes good or bad choices. However, every choice we are dealt with is not black and white. Its not just good or bad. Determining whether something is good or evil is a fuzzy topic because no one can determine if it is fully good or bad.

Tom definitely didn't have the easiest childhood. But i do still think that it affected him in the long run. Since he was never shown true love, he was never able to understand how to empathize or feel guilt. However, the choices that he made and the amount of dark magic that he allowed into his heart was the main ingredients to his villainy.

The vampires today are less ruthless and terrifying. This shows that our society is fading away from the classic vicious vampire. They would rather see them like humans that can fall in love and live a normal life (yes I am talking about Twilight). Our society today wants to be able to relate to the vampires and empathize with them. That's why I feel like the next era of vampire lore is going to be not that scary.

~Week 11~

What I learned most about analyzing children stories is that I now look for the hidden meaning behind each character that the author intended the mature audience to unveil. As a child, I never quite saw the hidden meaning in fairytales. I just saw a big bad wolf trying to eat a little girl or huff and puff a house down. It wasn't until I was older that I understood the morals that they were trying to teach me at a young age. I now look for those hidden morals in the text. By doing this, I can fully understand what the author intended the audience to gain from the text.

The reason people are so intrigued and fascinated by things that are morbid is because of our natural human curiosity. Humans are notorious for wanting to investigate things in order to satisfy their curiosity. So when we hear about an incident that it completely barbaric, we are initially enticed and are curious on discovering the morbid details. Why? I believe we do this because we find it hard to believe that something so terrible could actually happen. Therefore, we want to read all about it until we understand every part of the murder, suicide, or accident.

I think that people blame demons for their actions simply because it's an easy excuse. If they claim that demons were the cause of their crime, there is no possible way of proving that the person is lying. Almost every individual in the world is aware that demons are creatures that inhabit humans and cause them to do evil. However, demons can not be scientifically proven (I think) so that allows the person an easy escape from the consequences of their actions. They will most likely only get charged for being mentally unstable or something along those lines. Although, I'm sure there are several cases where they might truly believe they are being possessed by a demon and who knows, maybe they are….OoOoOoOoOoO

~Week 12~

The following is spoken from a follower of Captain Hook who wants to start a uprising against Peter Pan:

"Peter Pan is a arrogant, prideful, and murderous boy. He is able to do whatever he wants without having any consequences. He kills pirates, brings foreign people into Neverland, and is the ruler of his followers, Lost Boys. He just recently killed our beloved Captain Hook. Peter Pan says he does not understand the true meaning of murder because he refuses to grow up! However, I say that there should be no excuse for him. Not only did he slay our faithful leader, but he also did it unfairly. I believe that he should face the consequences for his actions! We should be the ones who bring him to justice! I say we slay the little Peter Pan for we have had enough of his tyranny! Down with Peter Pan!"

I don't believe Snape was a villain at all. He had to do "villainous" acts so that in the end good will prevail. Sure he picked on Harry a little but it was to teach him that not everyone is going to be nice to you just because you're "the chosen one". In the end, Snape chose to be a hero and not a villain. He chose to follow through with Dumbledores plan even though no one was there to make sure that he did it. He could have never given Harry the memories. There were so many times where Severus could have stopped being on Dumbledores side and chose to be a double agent for Voldemort. So Snape decided

I don't know too much about Buffy other then what I gathered from your presentation. I think that he did several villainous acts against Buffy. He deserved to be slain for his actions. However, in the end he sacrificed himself to save people. So I think in the end he might have deserved redemption. But then again I don't watch the show so I don't know if he truly did or not.

~Week 13~

I believe that the main reason people wouldn't think he was being manipulated was because he destroyed a whole colony of Buggers. If he was truly being controlled wouldn't you think that the queen would have told him not to proceed in the attack him? Since he did kill those buggers, he has a solid case into why he was not being manipulated.

I don't believe Rasputin was a real holy man at all! Sure maybe he was able to "magically" heal people (which could be a result of him having a pack with the devil) but I wouldn't consider him a real holy man. The main reason that I say this is because he slept with a lot of women! I may be wrong, but last time I checked holy men do not peruse their worldly desires. As for his magical abilities, I have no idea how he was able to do that. Maybe it was luck, maybe it was coincidence, or maybe even black magic. Either way, I think that question will always be left unanswered.

I think Disney portrayed Hades as a villain simply for the sake of having a good screenplay. They knew they needed an antagonist and the ruler of the underworld seemed to fit the part. The idea of the underworld in its self can be seen as evil. The underworld and hell are most the time the same thing in people's mind, which is not exactly a happy place. Therefore, I think the writes of the movie Hercules decided to push aside the mythological origins of Hades and instead added their own characteristics for the blue haired ruler.

~Week 14~

First of, Humperdinck was the major villain in The Princess Bride for many reasons. The main one is that he plans on killing Buttercup on their wedding night so he could start a war (what is it with these men and wars. goodness). Not only does Humperdinck enjoy creating wars, but he is also a huge coward. When it comes down to actual hand to hand combat he is terrified. He willingly gives up to Westley because he is ultimately terrified. The only hero that in a sense has a trait like Humperdinck is Westley. The two men are both very good at tracking. Humperdinck repeatedly shows his skills as a tracker and Westley must be good at tracking because he found Buttercup when she was kidnapped. In addition, they both continually stick to their original plans. Humperdinck's main plan was to kill Buttercup and start a war. He would not let anything alter his plan until his cowardliness overcomes. Westley's main goal is to save Buttercup and live happily ever after. Nothing stops him, not even death. However, these two are contrasts to each other otherwise.
The second is Count Tyrone Rugen. He seems to greatly enjoy killing and causing suffering. I am not sure why he chose to let Inigo live. Perhaps it was because he wanted him feel the pain of living life without a father, maybe not. Although, Tyrone is also a coward. He only attacks people that he knows he can win. He killed Inigo's father with a surprise attack, he challenges Inigo because he was a child and Tyrone knew he was going to win, and he helps kill Westley because he is tied down helpless. This is why in the end when he realizes that Inigo has the ability to defeat him, he runs away. He only tries to kill Inigo after he thew the dagger and wounded him. Therefore, he is a contrast to Inigo because he is brave while Tyrone is a coward.

I thought that Westley's ability to adopt the stereotypical villain was very useful. He was able to be a villain without really being villain. He learned how to be a proper pirate that was feared by everyone. By doing this, I think he learned how to be strong, determined, and fearless. These traits helped him bluff against Humperdinck and winning back his one true love. He also learned how to become an excellent swordsman. Without this quality the whole entire story would have fallen apart. He would have died by Inigo, Buttercup would have died, and Humperdinck wins! Ugh what a terrible movie idea. Anyways, Westley being able to the learn the art of villainy was crucial to the plot.

I'd like to know what you think. So go comment crazy.

Reading your response to the prompt and journal I can relate to your ideas. Even though good and both exist they are united as one. Personally I like your style kid I love the fact that you like 80 and 90s music and your belief of being born in the wrong era is the way I feel constantly but even with those thoughts I am happy being born in the 90s only because that means I get to live longer and not around scary wars and etc. Can't wait to hear what else you have to say. You have great ideas.
- CarolineNess CarolineNess Sep 1, 2011

I really like your response to the quotation because i feel the same way about how Dr. Jakyll released his evil in a way that nobody else had ever done. I actually think that you expressed the same ideas that i had in a better way. I also thought it was a good idea how you though of the outcome if Jakyll had never released Hyde or if he had changed his mind. If he had never released Hyde and, instead, had conflicting personalities like everyone else, he may have been embraceable. - Droybal Droybal Sep 7, 2011Daniel

I like how brought the question into my mind if Jekyll actually is a good person or if he is evil because of the fact that he created Hyde. and now that I think about it, he must have had a fairly big evil part of him if he wanted to create something wholly evil in the first place, and even after he created Hyde, he was still unable to separate it from himself completely. - Jamie
P.S. Mismatched socks FTW.

I like what you said about a successful class discussion, I believe that if we addressed all of the questions or comments on one topic before moving on to another, it would make the discussion much more organized and effective.

"...the drinking of blood and being sexually active outside of marriage was forbidden." Ari, pretty sure drinking blood was forbidden inside marriage too. Just saying :)
I agree that Dexter would always be popular. In answer to your question, he's a villain. Hands down. He kills people because he likes/needs to. Just because he's killing bad folks doesn't make him better.
P.S. Great video! Love it! - Kayleethegr8 Kayleethegr8 Sep 20, 2011Kaylee

I like your comment on Medea. I didn't really think about them being afraid of her. I agree that the gods did act because they approve.Lion King is my favorite movie! I like that you chose a lion. That's creative. I also agree that one death is unjust.
Jaclyn- jserru jserru Sep 22, 2011

Your comment on killing being ok for self defense is intriguing. You kill because you are being attacked which is ok. I think that killing to live is acceptable but killing for material things we do not need is not. This is why hunting for the sport of it disgusts me. But your inner beast is a lioness from the Lion King so you should know all about killing to survive and feed your cubs and the "The Circle of Life" and all that good stuff :) - lduran02 lduran02 Sep 22, 2011(Lawrence)

I agree with your comment on female villains almost being scarrier since thay usualy are more unpridictable. Also, that characters dress in different colors for the adience's convinience. -sdimpfel

I love your "How to Become a Villain" dealio. Very fantastic. Though I disagree with Medea being eaten by ravenous wolves... she should have a party thrown for her or something, just for screwing over that jerk xD - Roxypotter13 Roxypotter13 Oct 5, 2011

I like the perspective you took on grendals disorder, I only looked at the fact that he had daddy issues, and didnt even think about the fact that he didnt like the noise of the hall. - Oct 10, 2011

I think Grendel is a good candidate for having a mental disorder, his love of killing almost seemed inborn.
- tylerjames1992 tylerjames1992 Oct 11, 2011

I like your comment about children's stories. I too look for those hidden meanings. It's interesting that we never really saw them as children but I guess that's because we were innocent as many youth are. I too put that it was our human curiosity that drove us to looks at the morbid things.
- jserru jserru Nov 6, 2011JaclynSerru

I also feel that I totally missed half the story and all the morals when I heard the story as a child. -sdimpfel

I hadn't thought about Snape being mean to teach Harry. Of course, I know he was trying to teach Harry even when they were fighting after Snape killed Dumbledore ("Close your mind, Harry!"). - Kayleethegr8 Kayleethegr8 Nov 11, 2011Kaylee

I agree %100 percent with your buffy/spike response, I dont know a whole lot about buffy either, which made it hard to have a definite opinion on whether he should have been redeemed. - Nov 15, 2011

I love your comment on Snape. I like how you said that he was showing Harry that not everyone was gonna be nice to him. I also thought Peter Pan was arrogant.
- jserru jserru Nov 15, 2011JaclynSerru

How could Ender prove the manipulation didn't begin until he found the egg? Yes, he destroyed the Buggers (because he was manipulated into it), but people could easily believe that the egg began manipulated Ender after most of the Buggers were destroyed. Also, I definitely agree with your reasoning about Rasputin. He's such a slut.- Kayleethegr8 Kayleethegr8 Nov 26, 2011Kaylee!

I agree with your first answer about Ender. I mean if I could manipulate someone I would make them give me a million dollars or something, not make them kill me, but who knows, it's an open ended question. And yes ma'am Rasputin had lots of sex, I think you could name a disease after the man, but he did do some amazing things that we will never really know how he did it. - reinada reinada Nov 27, 2011Reina

I really like your point about having destroyed the buggar home planet as a defense for not being controled by them. -sdimpfel

Your first answer was very well thought out! Wow, bro!
Is villainy required for quality swordsmanship? Couldn't he have learned that without adopting villainous traits? Just wondering :) - Kayleethegr8 Kayleethegr8 Dec 1, 2011Kaylee