Dimpfel, Stephanie

My mom, dad and 'sister' Luisa (from an exchange I went on, I stayed with her family) and me.

1. Hello, Stephanie here. I am from Arizona. I have a dachshund named Daisy. I want to travel the world and learn about other cultures. I am majoring in engineering right now. I really like to read and my top five favorite books right now are The Book Thief, Good Omens, Sleepers, Street Boys, and Trickster's Queen. My top five favorite movies/TV series right now are Torchwood, Doctor Who (2005+), Hogan's Heroes, Howl's Moving Castle, and The Shawshank Redemption. I'm currently learning how to sew fitted clothing and speak/read Japanese. I can't wait to take this class!

2. I think we watched a children's movie movie because it makes us look at what is considered acceptable behavior for a children's villain. Also we see how children's movies usually have very black and white morality and few if any grey characters. If you look at what is taught to young children as being bad or wrong you can get a good feel for what things are really frowned upon by a the society the work comes from because the children's shows are part of what shape how the child views the world and through that view what they consider right and wrong. So basically children's shows are a great way to learn about the values of a society.

3. I think this quote brings to mind the question of whether Hyde was completely evil. I feel that he gets a tad of a bad rap, yes, he ran over that little girl but he also paid reparations to her. He easily could have gone in and turned into Jekle and have been done with the entire incedent. I think that in the begining there is some good in Hyde and that Jekle constantly thinking that Hyde is his evil perssona is what caused Hyde to think that it was ok to be entirely selfish and evil, because Hyde was just created. He is, for all intents and purposses, an adult shaped infant thrown into the world and told to go at it. I feel if he had been embrased by Jekle instead of hidden away like a shameful secret Hyde would have learned more and maybe chosen different courses of action. I feel that regardless of how much evil vs good Jekle/Hyde had they should not be pushed away for that. They should be shown how to make better choices till the good outways the bad.

4. To be a successful villain in Beowulf I feel that all you really need to do is act outside the social norms of the time, men must act cowardly (Grendle attacking only at night, Unferth not going after Grendle himself), women must take part in battle period (Grendle's mom attacks the mead hall), and anyone who attacks and kills without reason (Grendle, his mom, and the dragon.)

5. Ridiculously bad- Rorschach, Rugen
Seriously bad-Grendle, Hyde, Joker, Wolf, Hook, Peter Pan, Comedian, Bonzo, Humperdink, Dread Pirate Roberts, Vizzine
In the middle-Lex Luthor, Jason, Medea, Jason's new wife, Othello, Iago, Maleficent, Step mother, Mother Gothel, Graff, Anderson
Meh-Grendle's Mum, Jekyll, Beowulf's dragon, the king who kicks Medea out, stepsisters, Bernard, Stilson, Rose the Nose, Peter, the Albino
Looking rather saint like-Unfert, Dexter, Ozymandias, Dr. Manhattan, Valantine

6. I feel a successful discussion allows side conversations to occur as long as they are on topic. I feel that when the side disscusions are complete they should bring any important points up with the class, because that alows many more ideas to be presented when they are better thought through. I feel respect for others and not trying to over power if they obviously have the floor should be present. I feel needless unrelated talking should be avoided. I feel we are doing just fine and should continue doing what we are doing.

I think what you said about not trying to overpower people while they have the floor hits the nail on the head :) - samanthaprina samanthaprina Sep 8, 2011samanthaprina

I like the way your Villain-O-meter is set up. The especially the "meh" category.- Jamie

7. I feel Dexter enjoyed popularity in our time because that is when it was created I think it would have enjoyed popularity at any time in history because as I once heard "the blood sports have always been popular." The gladiators, witch burnings, public executions the list goes on and on. Humans are only so far removed from there more animal like instincts and as cultures advance we claim to have advanced beyond these barbaric activities, but in reality we have only found new outlets for our love of the hunt and the kill.

8. I feel Dexter, Dr. Jekyll, Batman and Superman have more depth of character than Beowulf. They have lives outside of their adventures. Dexter has his job and sister outside of killing serial killers. Dr. Jekyll has his parties and ‘friends’ like Utterson outside of his time as Hyde. Batman has his contracts and company outside of saving the world. Superman has Lois Lane and his job outside of saving the world. Beowulf does great feats of strength and is king. There is nothing remotely human or relatable about him. He is meant to be this unattainable ideal. Whereas the others, even Superman are made as human and relatable as possible because that is what a modern…ish audience looks for someone relatable and likeable. Not someone who boasts left and right. We like our (at least slightly) humble characters.

9. The drinking of blood is considered sexual because it is the act of piercing someone and drawing their life force (their blood) out of them aside from the life force bit this is almost a perfect metaphor for sex. Then there is the added levels of surrender in the act of allowing someone to have such sharp objects (fangs) near weak points of the human body because it almost always has to be near arteries or veins and this surrender appeals to human's base instincts. Then there’s the fact that in modern interpretations drinking blood is almost always followed by actual sex that cements this connection.

10. Jack the Ripper probably got away with his crimes because he was smart and lucky when the media coverage hit its peak he stopped killing. He may have been forced by outside events to stop but that just adds to the lucky theory. Also the police obviously didn’t nearly as many of the tools they have nowadays. They were looking for a murderer in a sea of cut throats and unsavory characters. No matter how long Jack continued his killing spree I’m not sure they could have caught him short of shear dumb luck helping the police out.

I agree about Beowulf, I, myself wrote that he seemed very one-dimensional compared to the other characters in mention.- Kharli

I definitely agree with both you and Kharli about Beowulf. I also liked your point that we generally tend to like characters that we can relate to not necessarily ones that are "good".- Lenarama Lenarama

Beowulf was pretty basic, no life outside of his 'work' and such. I agree with your whole sexual blood explaination, because now all sorts of shows, books, and movies are combining the drinking of blood with sex. But I don't entirely agree with you on your luck theory about Jack the Ripper. I think of him as being rather smart, to do the things he did, to get away with it all. I think he worked thing to his advantage. Then again he could just be some psycho with dumb luck, but I feel like someone wouldn't murder so many people based on the fact of luck. - reinada reinada Sep 16, 2011Reina

I agree with you on the whole Jack the Ripper Idea cops back than weren't really on the greenest grass.
- CarolineNess CarolineNess Sep 20, 2011

11. In Medea I feel that the other characters don't stop her firstly because they are the courus and it is not the place to interfere and secondly because subconciously they agree that killing the new bride and children is the absolute best revenge she can get on Jason. As a man he has to have children to carry on his name and inherit as a woman she does not have those obligation the only reason she needed children was to provide them for her husband as a good wife should. Since he rejected her she no longer had an obligation or desire to provide him with children. At this point the children are only benificial to Jason, to Medea they are baggage from a life she can no longer enjoy. Therefore Medea killing the children only hurts Jason (not counting emotionaly) and the corus knows this even if they won't admit it. Considering the gods did not punish her this far I can only assume that they felt she had been punished enough with the banishment and loss of her children. I think the gods thought that the situation was self cleaning Jason the oath breaker was punished with the deaths of his children and new wife. Medea was punished by having to kill her own children and leave her home forever. Honestly, I don't think there was approval or disproval evident in the god's inaction, as I said before this was a self cleaning situation and the gods saw this and so felt no need to intervene as it would change nothing.

12 b. I do not feel there is a limit of deaths that automatically makes a cause unjust. I feel as long as the people involved feel that their cause is worth dying for than the number of deaths does not matter because it was their choise to be involved despite the risks. I do however feel that anytime someone who is not or does not want to be involved, dies because of someone elses purposfuly deadly actions for some cause, then the cause is automatically unjust.

13. I feal my inner beast is a rattlesnake because they usually don't attack unless prevoked or thretened, give fair warning before attacking, and at the same time are quite vicious when they attack. Also they have to lie around soaking up sun everyday to stay warm and if it continues to get colder I think that I am going to do likewise. :)

I find your answer to my question interesting. How do we know that people who "choose" to fight for something truly believe it or were, say, brainwashed into believing it? Is it necessary to make a distinction? Also, is it possible to have conflict where bystanders don't die? However, I like this concept in theory. - Kayleethegr8 Kayleethegr8 Sep 27, 2011Kaylee!

14.I find that female villains tend to relay more on well thought through plans (Shego in Kim possible), emotional apeals (Marianne from easy A), or sex apeal (Imajane from Trickster's Choice/Qween). Male villains tend to make it up as they go along (Prince Jon from Robin Hood (Russlle Crowe), relay on fear (Ozorne from Emperor Mage), and relay on others sex apeal (Roger from Lioness Rampent). No matter how they go about it, both groups are equaly likely to fail spectacularly in the middle of their grand plands.

15. I feel that Sleeping Beauty is a wonderful example of color coded for your convenience. It is a childrens movie so it is useful for the intended audience, but still all of the bad guys wearing black and grey and maybe a touch of purple, and all of the good guys in some color, usually a bright color. It makes the entire movie a touch predictable, but considering most people already know the basic story line even if they haven't seen the movie I guess this isn't as big of a deal.

hahaha, aw yes we women can plan things better than men, i like that, it really is too bad it seems we always fail, at least with villainy. but I guess thats just the way it goes when you choose to be a villain. ps. <3 kim possible. - Jamiea.book Jamiea.book Oct 4, 2011

Your answer to 14 makes me happy. It's so clear and you gave examples of what you are talking about. Very nice.- lduran02 lduran02 Sep 30, 2011

16. Well, Iago as a villain... lets see there is the obvious he causes Othello to kill Othello's wife. Iago also tricks Othello into ordering the death of probably one the most trustworthy person in Othello's life. Iago also treats his wife like crap and is horrible to Rodrigo. Iago is a villain mainly because his skill in minipulation allows him to get away with his nefarious plots. And Iago doesn't seem to have a good reason for any of his actions. Othello also realy doesn't have any good reasons for his actions. He listens to the vauge conjecture of a friend and starts seeing red. I do not see how he was highly ranked in the army. Othello is a villain because of the murders he committed and ordered. Also for being crimminally easy to minipulate.

17. I feel that Grendle may have had a mental disorder that may have been the reason he wasn't invited to the mead hall causeing the entire chain of events in Beowulf.

18. I feel that Shego (Kim Possible), Imajane (Trickster books), and Madame Red (Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)) are all examples of cunning women who use more powerful men to achieve their own desires. Sheg works through Draken who for whatever reason seems to have the respect or cooperation of many other villains. Imajane cannot inherit so she workes through her younger brother to rule the Copper Islands. Madame Red uses Grell's supernatural abilities to commit murders while seeming to have alibies.

19. I feel the difference between what we find unatural and scary and what we find to be unatural and unfrightening is wheather we understand it or not. I may not know exactly how a car works but I have a general idea whereas a zombie I have no idea how that works. There are alot of theories and stories but no one knows for certain and I think that is what we find the scariest its something that could potencialy killus and we know nothing concrete about it.

20.I think overall Batman's actions are heroic because when all is said and done he was willing to protect the city at any cost, whether that ment removing his mask and allowing Joker to attack him and his loved ones or taking the blame for twoface's actions. I feel this is one of those rare ends justify means sort of situations. I will not say that all of his actions were heroic but I would also not say that any of them were villinous. He did what he felt was right at the time and in the end it all worked out ok, and honestly in this perticular situation I feel that is the best that could have been hoped for.

21. Joker says he won't kill Batman because he(Joker) wouldn't have fun if he killed batman. Could there be other reasons why he won't kill batman? If so what are they.

22. I feel this is related to our course because inorder to make a villan seem truly evil there must be some good person or force to compare the villain to show how evil they are compared to this good. Often in this good'swork to stop tue villain they become a watchman. So whatching the watchmen related to this course because in good's attempts to stop evil it is likely to go too far. This raises the question of whether that then makes the good evil. So basicly we have to study not only the bad guys but also the good guys to see if in the pursuit of peace justice whatever they haven't crossed the line into villainy themselves. I feel the current system with the UN is probably one of the best systems we can hope for because it is better to have a watcher with very little power than a watcher with too much. I feel that I and everyone else should do what they can to help others and stop the evil we come across in our lives. If everyone did that, much of the evil in the world would be eradicated.

23. No I feel they are equally admirable. The privateers were just a touch smarter about thier illegal activities because they left themselves a way out. They could always return to the contry they worked for and expect to be left alone if not applauded for their actions.

24. I feel that venom is slightly more responsible for his actions since he conciously chose to bond with the symbyote. However I feel this is a tecnicality only they are both masivly responsible for a large percentage of their actions since they did not regret thier actions as Carnage and Venom and did not try to stop themselves.

You say you feel they are equally admirable and only comment on what you admire about the privateers. I'd like to know what, if anything, you admire about the pirates. Also, I'm all for extinguishing the evil we come across in our lives but most people, after hearing a high pitched scream in the night, have no trouble convincing themselves somebody else will take care of it.- lduran02 lduran02 Oct 24, 2011

I believe that they are responsible for their actions. Just because he is not in his physical form doesn't mean he can just get away with his crimes. I think venom are just excuses for Eddie. - HeyThereAri HeyThereAri Oct 25, 2011Ari

25. I do not feel that there is anything that is always evil in any circumstance, that one person can do alone. I feel that when a group of people is involved this is a different story. That is to say genocide is inherently evil regardless of corcumstances. Good is a little harder to specify I feel that anything can be done bad intentions and for the wrong reasons.

26. Voldemorte was born evil. I feel his upbring twisted him to the point where he acted the way he did however the instinctual urges to act that way had to be there to begin with. So I guess in reality it is a mix of the two. but I say it was more he was born that way.

27. Well if by vampire lore of today you mean Twilight then it says that we as a culture pretend to be pacifists but are in reality incredibly violent. If you mean other stories I would say that vampire lore indicates that there is still a level of represion our society feels in talking about sex. So we allow the vampires to say what we can't. Also I feel that many vampires right now tend to be incredibly polite and old fashioned I feel this indicates a desire to return to old ways when a persons word was a binding contract and people dressed up to go out. Lastly I feel that todays vampires are written so that they have a heart that some other character can get to and change the vampire for the better. I think this indicates that we as aculture want everything bad or evil or wrong in our world to be fixable with enough love and determination. I feel the next era's vampires will continue to show the ability to be changed by one particular person. However I feel they will be gin to loose their sexiness and become a vehicle for some other part of society.

Interesting take on morality. I'm trying to think of a case where something is always wrong that a person does themselves.... Oh! Got one :) Kicking a cute puppy who is just sitting there nicely wanting to be pet. That's morally wrong, I think. However, in general, circumstances must be taken into account even if we decide to disregard them later. - Kayleethegr8 Kayleethegr8 Oct 30, 2011Kaylee!

28. I feel that the the childrens stories we will read give us insight into the things that frighten adults the most because we want to protect children from bad things and so we want to scare them to keep them from ever trying things that could hurt them.therefore the bad guys in childrens works represent what the people who made them are most afraid of.

29. People are facinated with the gruesome because it speaks to the part of us that is still the hunter trying to find food. gruesome sights indicate meat and therefore food and survival.

30. Simple if it is someone else's fault it is not ours. If it is some supernatural fources fault then thensomeone else doesn't have to take the fall for our desicions. Everyone wins.

I really like your answer about the childrens stories question. I never thought of it like that, but I can see how all adults want to do is protect their children. So like with Little Red Riding Hood, if we correlate it to rape, well then no adult wants their child to get raped, so it resonates them on the protective level. - reinada reinada Nov 3, 2011Reina

31. Peter Pan is the villain because he goes and finds children and tells them of this wonderful land and makes them want to go there. Sometimes he even takes them, but the second they are out of his sight he starts to forget them. He realy only cares about here and now and not even that always. And can you really care about someone if you only notice them when your right in frount of them? Mostly he is a villain because he choses to stay a child rather than go home with Wendy.

32.I feel Snape was a villain because the only reason he worked for the good guys was to get back at Voldy for killing Lily. And that is doing good for the wrong reasons. This is just fine, but does not make Snape a good guy which for sake of arguement I will say will make him a villain.

33. I will say in general people do not deserve redemption but sometimes through their actions they do earn it at least in some people's eyes. Redemption is personal people from they outside can look in and pass jugment but the only opinions on redemption that really matter are those of the people directly involved. So my judgement is that Spike earned redemption, but didn't deserve it.

34. I don't really feel that this was a deception he mearly was protecting his charge, his child in a sence and I personally can't see how any parent could blame him for protecting the buggar and those who can blame him are too close minded to accept any other intelligent species any way. I do feel that most people will not accept the new buggars. However, Peter has so many politicians in his pocket that even though people won't be happy no one will be in a position to do any thing about it.

35. I think that Rasputin was simply incredibly lucky. Some people are just realy lucky and he seems to be one of them. He was in the right place at the right time.

36. Because Disney wanted some nicce black and white morality and that is not really offered in mythology so that had to make some up. Since Death is usualy considered evil in our culture this makes Hades Lord of the underworld where the dead go a prime canidate since it is easy to just treat Hades as another name for Satan.

I don't think I agree with your views of Rasputin. I'm not entirely sure what was going on with him, but the odds are SO SO SO incredibly slim that he would get that lucky that many times and in that many ways. - mlerussell mlerussell Nov 29, 2011
I completely agree with your explanation for why Hades was turned into something different in the disney adaptation. I think this is a culture raised to fear our own death, and this character would play on that fear.
- tylerjames1992 tylerjames1992 Nov 29, 2011
I like your comparison of the Buggers and parental instinct because it actually makes a lot of sense. Your explanation of Rasputen's abilities is interesting and it would be really cool if it were true.- Droybal Droybal Dec 1, 2011

37. Humperdink like Inigo and Westly is over confident however Inigo and Westly have the skills to back up their confidence Humperdink has everyone else do his dirty work, the problem with this is if you want a job done right you've got to do it yourself. Rugen is like Fezzic the are both imposing people who play second fiddle to more boisterous companions. Fezzic to Inigo and Rugen to Humperdink. Lastly, Vizzine is like Buttercup he makes a lot of noise and big speaches but doesn't really do much.
38. Westly showed up dressed like a steriotypical villain because it made people take him seriously. If farm boy Westly had shown up Vizzine would have laughed and just kept moving instead he left his men behind alowing Westly to take them one by one. Also, by this point he has to know of the marrige so he also wants to ask Buttercup what the heck she was thinking without her realizing who she was talking to. Lastly, he has a flair for the drematics and I don't think he could resist an oportunity to exersise his dramatic abilities.

I do think that Westly was a bit of a drama king, and all of your other reasons too of course. As a farm boy he hardly had a name, but as this masked villain, he had more than a name- he had respect. - reinada reinada Dec 1, 2011Reina
Though Westly dresses the part does it give him licence to be a jerk to Buttercup?
- jserru jserru Dec 5, 2011Jaclyn

1. The Physics of Comic Books- The speaker talked about whether given alowance for the fact that superpowers are involved the tricks shown in comic books are physically possible. It was incredibly funny and very informative.

2. How to Survive a Zombie Attack- The speaker mostly talked about what a zombie is and the history of how they developed in liturature. Also he spoke about how a zombie appocolapse could happen in real life, and how to survive it. The short of that is get as far away from civilization as humanly possible as quickly as possible.

3. The Rocky Horror Show- I've never seen this before so I can't compare to the movie, but I enjoyed it. The musical numbers were obviously well rehersed. However, Riff Raff and Magenta were super amusing so I watched them rather than following the main action and therfore got hopleslly lost in the plot, but it was icredibly amusing regardless.