Journal Questions for the Week of November 29, 2011--Last Journal Questions for the semester

1. The Princess Bride has multiple villains. Dicuss how each one reflects/matches a heroic character.

2. Why does Westly adopt the outside semblance of a stereotypical villain, and does it help him to succeed?

-1. King Humperdink and his "side kick" Tyron reflect Westly and his follower (kind of) Inigo. King Humperdick cowardice is a reflection, and a juxtaposition of Westly's braveness. However they both have other people to help them along, Humperdink has all his soldiers and henchmen while Westly has Inigo and the gaint fezzic, which are also juxtaposed because Humperdink's men help him becuase they have to and Westly's friends help him because they want to. Tyron and Inigo are both powered by a passion. Tyron's being an infatuation with pain, and Inigo's an infatuation with revenge. They both have motivation to move them forward in their quests.

-2- Westly adapts this seemingly villainous character to save his life. He tells the story of how he was captured by the pirate but his story of true love saved his life. It was then that he had to choose to stay on the ship and become a pirate himself or by the hand the dread pirate Roberts. He really does have a kind heart but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. This helps succeed because he learned to fight and fence and once gained the name of the dread pirate Roberts he was feared by many, giving Westly an advantage on top of strength, wits and fencing skills.


Journal Questions for the Week of November 22, 2011

1. When Ender found the queen's egg, he decided not to tell the world until he was sure they could accept it. To that end, he wrote a book about the Buggers and their point-of-view, hoping to elicit empathy in mankind. The problem with this is that, when Ender does decide to reveal the truth, his lie will be viewed as a deception, and any empathy he has managed to cultivate may fall prey to suspicion. How can Ender prove to the world that he (and ultimately humanity) wasn't being manipulated by the Buggers?

2. From Reina's presentation:Do you believe that Rasputin was a real holy man? Or were his predictions and healing just luck, fraud or coincidence?

1.- I actually do not see this to be a problem for ender, I feel that by beating the buggers and winning the war and wiping out the entire buggur population he of all people has the right to repopulate the buggers. Everything that Ender did in his life made him a man that was treated with respect and honor, the pupa was given to him for a reason, not everyone may understand that, but not everyone will think he is lying either. Ender had earned the right to speak his mind I think many people will believe him when he finally finds the right place and time to allow the buggers to live again. as for proving that he was not being manipulated by the buggers, do we the reader even know if he was or was not?

2.- I believe that Rasputin was a fraud with amazing luck. This is of course is based of my own religious views and beliefs, however it seems to me if you had the right personality and moral system and you discovered that people that you were a man of god and believed you could heal the sick and you could gain power from doing so, you could easily go along with the story that you were in fact a holy man. Which seems like exactly the kind of man Rasputin was, a manipulator and a fraud who used everything he could to gain power.


I like your approach to question one. If anyone had the best idea about what to do with the Buggers, it was Ender. He understood them and loved them more thoroughly than any other human being could. - samanthaprina samanthaprina Nov 26, 2011samanthaprina

Your take on question one is really interesting. It is a really valid point that Ender is the one who understood them the most and who has the right to decide what to do about the fact that there is the chance to repopulate the Buggers. I also agree that not everyone would think that Ender was lying and that some people would stand by him. I also agree with your answer to the second question. - Lenarama Lenarama Nov 29, 2011

Journal Questions for the Week of November 8, 2011

1. Make a case for Peter Pan as the villain of the story. Also, please update your evil-o-meter if you haven't recently.

2. From Sam's presentation: Was Snape mostly a villain? Why or why not?

3. From Kharli's presentation: Did Spike deserve redemption after what he tried to do to Buffy?

1.- I dont know if I agree that Peter is a vallian, but if I must... Peter is able to do anything he wanted because he does not have a care int he world. He kills pirates because he does not know better about killing. But does that make it okay to kill even if you dont know any better? That is question I do not have the authority to answer. However I think that Peter's villainy comes from him stealing little boys after they fall out of their own prams and taking them away to neverland. perhaps it is clear that that is what all the boys wanted at first and they all seem to enjoy neverland, however it is selfish of Peter to take these boys away from their mothers for his own personal pleasure and games. The boys may be enjoying themselves, however it is clear they still want a mother, which is where Windy comes in. The boys were taken away from loving, nurturing homes, at least I would like the think their homes were loving and nurturing, and that in its self is a crime to take away any child from something as a sweet as a mothers love. Peter could be considered a villain in the sense that he does whatever he wants no matter the consequences, even when it hurts other people, emotionally and or physically. I find it hard to place the name of "villain" on such a young boy who does not seem to know the difference right and wrong and left and right.

2.-No, I dont believe he was. He simply had to pretend to be a villain to stay on the good side of Voldy. In the end he did turn out to be some what good, and a help. It was just leading up to this, all of his actions against harry and his friends, that lead harry and the audience to believe that he was in fact a villain, a rotton human being, and a prick. But his final deeds, I believe, make up for his douchbagery and in the end he is more good than bad.

3.- I am still unclear of exactly what he did try to do to Buffy. He set a demon on her right? Well I suppose, since I dont know the whole story of Buffy and Spike other than what we were told in class, I can only say that it depends on his life as a whole. Maybe he had a bad past, however was really motivated and willing to become a good person again, perhaps this is enough to be redeemed. He also had the ability or what seemed like the ability to love, which is more human than any other emotions vampires and other monsters have, and again perhaps what was enough for redemption. however he must of had some good in him, or something good about him that in fact allowed to be redeemed.


I agree that it is hard to call Peter a villain because of his youth, buuuut on the other hand, he didn't know the difference between right and wrong and left and right because of his own choosing. He WANTED the life he had, and didn't care about what others went through in order for him to have it. - mlerussell mlerussell Nov 10, 2011

I feel like Peter not knowing almost makes his actions....more villainous. We like when bad things are done for a reason, and when there is no reason, it makes us wonder 'why?'. Sometimes I think it is easier to swallow something bad when there was a reason, but it leaves you with too many questions if there isn't a reason. But, Peter didn't do anything horrible, things worked out in the end, and he was so innocent, so he isn't that villainous anyway. - reinada reinada Nov 10, 2011Reina

Journal Questions for the Week of November 1, 2010

1. "[M]ost of us never really grow up or mature all that much -- we simply grow taller...the child we always are, whose needs are simple, whose daily life is still best described by fairy tales [remains]."-Leo Rosten

We began the semester looking at a children's work. What new insight can you bring to the child-centered works we'll be looking at the for rest of the semester? What can be gained by this exploration?

2. From Angelica's presentation: (H. H. Holmes) Why are people so fascinated by things that are so gruesome and morbid?

3. From Stephanie's presentation: Many times people blame their actions on demons--why is this an excuse that people use?

-1. I think people mature quite a bit during a life time, I do however agree the the child inside never parts completely. Falling in with the works we have and will be reading in class, most of are adults, or at least legally considered so, and yet we still enjoyed reading these children stories, we enjoyed watching the cartoon of superman and batman at the beginning of the semester. I dont really think it depends on the age of the reader, but more the quality of the work. The only difference between now and when we were 4, is that now we can go beyond the top layers of a story, and see the deeper meanings behind, just like little red riding hood symbolizing a rape victim.

-2. We get so fascinated probably because one, its happening to our own kind (humans) and two, we probably dont think its ever going to happen to us. Stories such as H.H. Holmes, to me at least, was pretty much just that. I would like the think i have more common sense than to go stay at a hotel that girls have been gone missing from, but that is just me liking to think i am smarter than those girls. I also believe it is fascinating simply because the human body and brain are so fascinating, just the way a person thinks, or how a person could go completely insane and kill 200 people is compelling, there are always more question, why did he do it? how did he do it? what did he say? it goes on and on, and we just want to know how and why he works that way, how and why he is so obsessed with killing, when to a sane human it is so unnatural.

-3. Well i can see this coming from a religious point of view, however I cant say that i have ever blamed a single one of my actions or anyone else's actions on a demon. although often times and when events are blamed on things such as demons, or angles or any other sort of supernatural being, it is because the person is simply looking for a reason, some sort of justification as to why the event happened and the way it happened, sometimes it makes it easier to believe and some times it makes it easier to overcome the tragedy that may have come with it. excuses are everyday just for this purpose, to make us feel better about something we, or someone else did wrong.


Journal Questions for the Week of October 25, 2011

1. Do you think there is a standard of morality that can be applied, regardless of external details and situations? That is, is there anything that is inherently good or evil?

2. From Ari's presentation: was Lord Voldemort born evil or was he a victim of his upbringing/life circumstances?

3. From Lena's presentation: How does the vampire lore of today reflect on society and what do you think the next era's lore could hold?

-1. In the nonfictional world, I do not believe there is anything inherently good or evil, there is really good, and really bad, but i dont think they go to either extreme. as for morality, I also dont think there is a standard. Morals differ in everyone even in heros, as we see in watchmen, with the different characters. in the end Adrian thinks its okay to sacrifice 2 million for the rest of the world, while Rorschach completely disagrees, and then is killed besaed on Jon's beliefs.

-2. Based on Vodly's back ground and family history, I definitely think he was born evil. How could there not be, he was a descendant from Salazar Slytherin. I think he would have hated his father for being muggle just as much even if he did not grow up in an orphanage, and would have most likely still would have wanted to become the worlds greatest sorcerer.

-3. Today's lore is sex. thats basically it, teens are all full of raging hormones and twilight pretty much put into motion that craze on teen vampire sex. Of course this started out with Dracula, but before the target age was older, now that the target audience is teenagers, well I think you get the point. What's coming next? probably more sex. More promiscuity, less clothes, and less digression.


That's exactly what I thought about question 3. People are going to become desensitized, and it's just going to keep getting more and more risqué to keep up with the audience's appetite. Either that or they're going to move onto werewolves. Or have they already done that? Lol. - samanthaprina samanthaprina Oct 26, 2011samanthaprina

Watchmen did show a wide range of morals, with Adrian and Rorschach on different ends of the spectrum (at least when it came to the whole millions dead thing). And I agree with how sex is the driving force in it all, and a good example of this is with True Blood. - reinada reinada Oct 27, 2011Reina

Journal Questions for the Week of October 18, 2011

1. "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes"--who watches the watchmen. How can this idea relate to our overall study of villains in this course? Who should be responsible for monitoring what's happening in the world? How do you see your own role?

2. From Jaclyn's presentation: Are privateers less admirable than pirates because they had permission to be "bad?"

3. From Daniel's presentation: Do Eddie Brock (Venom) and Cletus Cassidy (Carnage) share the same levels of responsibility for their actions?

-1. That is a very good question, one I that puzzles me. No one person can watch everything, (unless you believe in god, or a higher power), and I dont think any one person can hold the responsibility of monitoring everything that is happening int he world. There is just way too much happening at one time, it is impossible to control it all, if it was possible it would be done and there would be world peace and everyone would be happy. I see my role as a just a citizen, just a person, one tiny piece of this giant puzzle that is the earth. Im just here, not hurting, but maybe not helping either.

-2. Well, for starters the word "privateer" is not exactly the most intimidating word, unlike "pirate." When I hear pirate I think of cannons and swords and men with no teeth, while privateer reminds of a well dressed respectable man. However that is just looks, I cant say I know enough of pirates and privateers to say one is more admirable than others, if they did basically the same things, taking over ships and fighting and what not i dont see why one would trump the other except for the fact that a pirate just sounds cooler.

-3.This week seems to be full is difficult questions, again I have never read comic books and have never even heard of carnage before Daniel's presentation, however from what we were told, they both excepted this thing to become part of their bodies. I think it depends ont he amount of knowledge that they each had before they bonded with it. If they shared the same knowledge and same intentions when they first began, then sure they sare the same level of responsibility.

I thought it was pretty cool how you took a more philosophical approach to the quotation "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes". I never thought of it in that way but it does make sense.- Droybal Droybal Oct 25, 2011

Journal Questions for the Week of October 11, 2011

1. We have discussed how when something defies what is natural, we find it scary, but what makes something unnatural? There are a lot of elements to our world that are not natural, i.e. cars and computers, and yet we do not find them scary. What causes this difference?

2. If you had only this movie (The Dark Knight) to judge Batman for his actions, what would you define as heroic? Would you define anything he does as villainous? From where do your decisions originate?

1.- Sure, many things are "unnatural" like cars and and computers, however, we look at things like that as advancements, things that will make our world a better place, and make things we do easier, and they have also become very common in our society. However something unnatural such as not having half a face is not seen everyday, we cant associate it with bringing any type of good or progress to our lives, so therefore, we don't like it.

2-Well, I definitely dont think batman is a villain, however I cant say he is a hero either. He is a good doer when he can be, and kicks butt when he needs to. Essentially doing everything he can to make the town a safer place, although his Joker seems to be what he is most interested in. but he doesnt kill Joker, and I think that is very important when is comes to deciding if he is a villain, if he were to kill Joker, my opinion may be different.

I think that because he doesn't kill the Joker makes him less of a villain and more of a hero. If he were to kill the Joker he would be evil and no better than the Joker. Even though he breaks laws, does that make him a true villain? He's breaking those laws to make the city a better place.
- jserru jserru Oct 13, 2011jserru

I totally agree that Batman would have been better if he had killed the Joker.
Actually, this is a weird stance for me to have, because I'm generally against folks killing people and circumventing the Justice System.... - Kayleethegr8 Kayleethegr8 Oct 17, 2011Kaylee

I aggree that not killing Joker is a very important factor in deciding whether Batman is heroic or villinous. -stdimpfel

You assert that Batman is not a hero, but you say he does everything he can to make the town a safer place. What qualities make a hero?
- tylerjames1992 tylerjames1992 Oct 18, 2011

Hero's dont hurt people! Superman is a hero.

Journal Questions for the Week of October 4, 2011

1. Make a case for Iago as villain, and then, using at least two pieces of the same evidence, make a case for Othello as villain.

2. From Tyler's presentation: What is one character (hero or villain) so far that we have looked at that could have an undiagnosed mental disorder?

3. From Emily's presentation: Pick 2-3 villains (from anywhere) and draw parallels between them; looking at actions, appearance, backstory, etc. How are they recycled villains?

-1. Iago used and manipulated everyone around him for personal gain. He abused his wife, and his friends and in the end was the reason everyone else ended up dead. He made Othello to believe his wife was cheating, he provoked the fight and death of Rodrigo, and killed his own wife. Othello is the same in the sense that he also abused his wife, not physically like Iago did to his, he was not rude and did not call her a "wench" however he abused the love they felt for each other in not believing her over Iago, and similarly to Iago, he also killed his wife. making them both Villains however Iago the first and Othello the secondary.

-2. Basically any of the Villains we have looked at could be insane in one way or another. Grendal, who didnt have a father, probably had abandonment issues, Medea was just a psycho bitch, Joker something had to have happened when he was a kid, given the scars on his face, probably PTSD, The dragon, was just a dragon and didnt know any better. I would say it all pretty much relates back to awful childhoods and something traumatic happening at a young age.

-3. There are tons of recycled villains however I'm going to have to point out my favorite, Yzma from the emperors new grove, and the evil step mother. Both were extremely attracted to power and were willing to do anything to receive it, both had servants or help, Cinderella and Kronk, and both had similar features, pointed chins evil smiles, the big difference was, I think Yzma was a little more outgoing.


Journal Questions for the Week of September 27, 2011

1. How do female villains differ from male villains?

2. How is color used to portray aspects of good and evil in Sleeping Beauty?

-1.From my experience, female villain seems to be like all women, just bumped up about 10 or 20 notches. Im sure we all know that girls can be huge bitches, and that is really what female villains are. They thrive off jealously, and temperament and usually plot to ruin another females life. Males just like to kill, or something tramtic happened to them when they were a child, take joker for example and his scares, something awful obviously happened to him. not always, but females usually have motives, the other girl is more popular, or prettier, or has the best prince.

-2. As we all know the things colors represent is endless. Darker colors usually mean dark and evil, while brighter more vivid colors are welcoming and happy. We see color used to portray characters in nearly every movie and especially in cartoons where colors can be enhanced. In sleeping beauty, brights colors, such as blue, pink, or yellow, are worn and used in the surroundings of the good characters, even hair colors comes into play, where the good characters have blond or light brown hair. While the evil characters not only wear black, dark browns and grays but usually live in dark homes as well, giving feelings of despair, and loneliness, and they usually sport dark hair. The style of clothing and the color worn by each character tell a lot about the background of the character and foreshadows the personality of each character.


Journal Questions for the Week of September 20, 2011

1. In Medea, there are several characters who know of Medea's plans, and yet they do not try to stop her. Why do these characters let villainy happen? Do the gods approve of her choices? What are the implications of their approval or disapproval?

2. From Kaylee's presentation: Choose either (a) or (b)

(a) Is Mao's quotation, "In this world, revolution is the mainstream" still true?

(b) Do you have a limit or a threshold of how many people can die before a cause becomes unjust?

3. From Lawrence's presentation: Everyone has an inner beast, a animal hidden within the subconscious. What is yours and why?

-1. Well, as we discussed in class, the chorus knows of Medea's plan, but they are more there to just help the reader/watcher understand what is going on and give advice and different views of the plot (Strophe and antistrophe), they are not so much there to interfere with what is actually happening in the plot. Also as we discussed in class, I have no idea why the gods didn't come down on her as she was flying away on her magical charriot. It is possible that the god believed Medea's crimes evened out Jasons wrong doing, that Jason deserved what he got, and therefore did not feel the need to punish Medea. Perhaps they though that losing her only children was enough punishment, although she killed them, but who knows, the gods work in mysterious ways, right. The way I see it something evened out all the wrong doings of Medea and she suffered from them and that is why she was not condemned.

-2.b. Is any murder just? Maybe those who have been sentenced to death for being responsible for the death of others, so putting aside cereal killers, no I dont believe there is a limit to murdering becoming unjust. I believe it completely depends on circumstance. Say, if you were being attacked and the only thing you can do to get away, its human nature, is to kill or harm whatever is attacking you. I dont know if i would say that is just, however it has more justification than just killing someone for cheating, or something else. I guess I would just say if someone is trying to kill you, the best thing you can do is kill them first. However, killing someone for fun, or even committing mas genocide to rid the world of people you dont believe belong, there is no justification what so ever.

-3. Hmm, my inner beast you ask. Well, I dont think I know exactly what shape it takes on, but I know its huge. It powers me and gives me motivation. Its something very active and strong, which is probably why I like to work out so much, and something cold blooded, which explains why im so cold all the time. But definitely something on top of the food chain, that doesn't put up with small time bullshit. yupp.


Journal Questions for the Week of September 13, 2011

1. Why do you think that Dexter is a series that enjoys popularity in our particular moment in history? Could it have been popular at another time? Why or why not?

2. What parallels can you draw between Dexter, Dr. Jekyll, Batman and Superman? Go beyond the surface. How are they different from characters like Beowulf?

3. From Miles's presentation: Why is the character of Dracula/the drinking of blood considered sexual?

4. From Hunter's presentation: Why did Jack the Ripper get away with his crimes when the media coverage/police investigation so great?

-1. If it were another time than the 21st century, I don't think Dexter would be a popular show. At this point in history, murders are no new occurrence, they happen everywhere all the time, which takes away the initial shock of this man, Dexter, being one himself. Also his character is almost made to look like a good guy because of the fact that he is killing bad guys, and to many people that could be considered acceptable. Dexter is not the first tv show to deal with murder, and if you have cable, I'm sure you have seen way worse then a few murders. Plus it's no surprise when the media is tries anything and everything to produce a new hit TV shows, no mater what the content.

-2. Well Dexter, Dr, Jekyll Batman and Super man all have intentions in doing good. Dexter is making the "world a better place", while Jekyll wants to separate his evil from himself, making him wholly good, Batman wants to rid the world of evi, however he doesn't mind killing to do it, and superman is the all good character who doesn't believe in killing. So, really, Superman stands out from the other three. He truly is wholly good. While I believe Dexter, and Batman fall into a similar category because they will both kill in order the rid the world of evils, even though they have some evil in them hints the killing people. I'm not sure where Dr. Jekyll fits in here, he was just a crazy man trying to do the impossible. Beowulf fits in with Dexter and Batman, we don't know if Batman kills for pleasure, but dexter certainly does, and Beowulf basically kills for a living, his entire reputation is based off of the monsters he has killed.

-3. This is a good question, that I can only guess the answer to. Women, for some unknown reason, are attracted to mystery and danger, which is exactly what the character of Dracula specialized in. Plus the color of blood, red, is said to be one of the most emotionally intense colors, representing love, but at the same time can stimulate passion and aggression.

-4. I think Jack the Ripper got away, because he was one of the first cereal killers, the police force and media had no idea how to deal with, or capture a man of this juncture. Proved be the fact that most of the evidence was found or proclaimed many years after the deaths of the prostitutes.


Journal Questions for the Week of September 5, 2011

1.The poem Beowulf expresses distinct characteristics that are necessary for an individual fulfill to be a good king, as we discussed in class. What guidelines are implied for successful villainy?

2.Create your own Villain-O-Meter. As the semester progresses, rank each villain we encounter on the scale, compared to the others. You can use a 1-10 ranking system, a chart, or whatever way you choose in order to show the relative positions of each baddie.

3. How would you characterize a successful class discussion? What features are present? Which are absent? How would you suggest we best accomplish such a discussion?

-1. Well other than the obvious, evil laugh and sketchy personality, there are many types of villains. Some are characterized by killing, others by terrorizing, or stealing, or destroying. I don't think there can be any specific guidelines to being a villain other than just not being good.

-2. Villain-O-Meter:
At the bottom of the page.

-3. I would characterize a successful class discussion as one in wich everyone participates, tries there best to get their points across, arguments are held, different opinions expressed, and most importantly everyone gets a chance to be heard. The last part we seem to be having trouble with, we like to cut each other off which is easy to do in the heat of discussion, sadly I don't know how to remedy the situation quite yet, other than just trying to be patient, I feel like we are old enough to respect others while they are talking and shouldn't need a "hand raising" rule or "talking teddybear" in order to have a successful, respectful discussion.


"...other than just not being good" I love it. Also agree that the evil laugh and sketchy personality are a must. Although, villains who you don't suspect as being villains seem like they would get the farthest since nobody suspects them.- lduran02 lduran02Lawrence

I basically just agree with Lawrence. Evil laugh and sketchy personality will give you everywhere in the villain world. (See Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog :D) - Lena

Journal Questions for the Week of August 30, 2011
1. Abraham Lincoln wrote that “the true rule, in determining to embrace, or reject any thing, is not whether it have any evil in it; but whether it have more of evil, than of good. There are few things wholly evil, or wholly good.” Relate this quotation to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Abraham Lincoln's quote relates to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde directly though Dr. Jekyll's want to create something, and change himself to have two sides, one entirely good and the other entirely evil. Mr. Hyde, being the evil side, was rejected by everyone who he came across and depicted as very strange with an undetectable deformation about him. Although people were not able to put there finger on what they did not like about him, his rare, pure evil spirit that people were not accustomed to, gave a bad "vibe" to those around him making him highly unlikable.


I didn't think to relate Lincoln's quote to Jekyll's desire to create, but now that you point it out it makes sense. I definitely agree about Hyde being completely evil and therefore detestable. - Kayleethegr8 Kayleethegr8 Sep 6, 2011Kaylee!

I like the perspective you took on the quote from Abraham.
I agree with you on how it relates to his want to create Hyde.
Also i like that in your picture you are wearing mismatched
socks. Matching socks are overrated.
- HeyThereAri HeyThereAri Sep 6, 2011Ari

Journal Questions for the Week of August 23, 2011
1) Shalom fellow villains, I'm Jamie Book, people like to call me Jaime (himay) Libro, so choose which ever you like. Some fun facts about myself, I have lived here in ABQ my whole life, in the same house, I have 5 tattoos and 13 piercings, I have been a busy bee most of my life and it drives me insane when I have nothing to do. I often bite off more than I can chew, but I always finish what I've started. I'm really looking forward to this class and making new friends this year. See you all tuesday!

2) I believe we watched a children's movie not only as an introduction to the class, but to set a ground level for comparison. This class is going to have a lot of discussion and with this simple movie we have a base to go from and will be able to compare and contrast it with our next topic.IMG_0093.JPG

1. Grendel2. Joker3. Iago4.Hyde5.Othello6. Rorschach 7.Dexter8. Hook

Zombie lecture: October 29, 2011

This lecture was a particularly interesting one, we didn't learn about about numbers or statistics. Instead we learned how to best survive a zombie attack. We learned how zombies theoretically work, how they hunt, how they come to travel in packs, how they are made, and where they are derived from.
A zombie is Identified as a "relentlessly aggressive human corpse with a biological infection." meaning, they are violent, they will do just about anything to come in contact with a human and eat it, when eating they spread their infection in turn making more zombies. We learned the four basics threats of a zombie attack, one of course being the Zombie, then other people, yourself, and the weapons you use. So essentially, were all screwed if a zombie apocalypse happens.
It is thought that zombies derived from vampires, when a director wanted to turn a vampire book into a movie but could not afford the rights to it, he instead just changed the characters from vampires to human like creatures, who could come out durring the day, and feed on flesh instead of blood, and just like vampires turned their victims into the moster that they are. This way he was able to produce his movie without any legal issues and in turn developed a completely new monster.
Zombies began to catch on, and now we have people whose job it is to theoretical predict what would happen if there was a zombies out break.
I found this lecture to be particularly interesting, and enjoyed, however I am certain that if there was an attack I would be one of the first to go. So if there is one, dont stick around me.

Rocky Horror PIcture Show: November 17, 2011

The Rocky Horror Picture Show was not a lecture it was a musical however it still contained a hero and villain and a complicated story to go along with it. Beginning with Brad and Janet having car trouble and venturing to a near by castle to hopefully make a phone call. As they are welcomed inside by Riff Raff the house keeper they soon realize this is not a normal house, occupied by normal people and they are in for a very rough night.
Dr. Frank-N-Furter, the seemingly sweet transvestite who owns the house hold coaxes both Brad and Janet into cheating on one another, almost breaking the bond between the two lovers. Dr. Frank-N-Furter goes through an array of schemes involving Brad, Janet, his phantoms and his 3 house keepers. This musical was hard to analyze because of its comedic nature, however I would say breaking the bond between Brad and Janet and taking from them both what they were saving for each other was one if his worst crimes, and made him the villain. He knew he was doing wrong and knew that no good would come from it, like we have discussed in class, are are a few of the characteristics that make a villain a villain. In The end he paid for his crimes by a death sentence, but in my opinion he made a fabulous villain, which is quite possibly because he committed his crimes while wearing 6 ince heals.

New Mexico Ballet Company's The Nutcracker Ballet December 3, 2011

I am sure most of us are familiar with the traditional christmas tale of The Nutcracker, but if not here is a run down. Clara's family has a wonderful party, gifts are brought by the amazing Drosselmeyer including a nutcracker doll that was given to Clara. Its getting late and the guests leave, Clara tucks her nutcracker in under the Christmas tree and falls asleep there. Next she a horrifying yet wonderful dream. She is attacked by a ferocious rat king and his army, however falls in love with her nutcracker when he saves her life. Together they go through the snow forest and to the land of sweets where they have a wonderful evening and the dream ends.
The scene in which the Battles between the Nutcracker and the Rats were particularly interesting. They were well rehearsed and had me sitting on the edge of my seat which is why i chose to write about this particular performance. The Rat King made a wonderfully fierce Villain.